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Educational Parties
At Ultimate Gaming Trailer, we know that having fun and learning can, and often do, go hand-in-hand. Video games have the potential to bridge this gap. Gaming provides a safe, fun way for kids to gain critical thinking and cognitive skills, and can be enjoyed in a supervised, comfortable environment that allows them to freely collaborate and push the bounds of creativity.

We work closely with educators and parents to explore the positive potential of a variety of video games that can be used at your educational party.

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In addition to the value we place on educational pursuits, Ultimate Gaming Trailer also appreciates the need for schools and programs to conduct fundraisers to generate revenue. We currently work with a variety of schools in different locations on their exciting fundraising projects.

“I will definitely be scheduling another Ultimate Gaming Trailer party for my kids next year—it’s all they can talk about! I’ve already gotten five calls from neighbors who attended, begging for your contact information so they can book their own!”

Let us help with your next fundraiser! If you are interested in learning more about fundraising opportunities, please contact us today at (816) 351-2300, or send us an email at


Call us today at (816) 351-2300, or email us to book a date for your special event!
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