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Tired of being tethered to the same desk in the same drab office every day? Have you considered a career that keeps you on the move? Think beyond the office, and explore the world of Ultimate Gaming Trailer franchises!

What could be better than venturing from place to place in cutting-edge mobile gaming theaters, delivering entertainment and fun to persons of all ages?

With twenty-five years of franchise experience, the Ultimate Gaming Trailer founders are leaders in the field. Having worked to design high-end mobile units for such clients as NASCAR and Wolfgang Puck, they apply the same skills when designing every mobile gaming theater. Personalized craftsmanship makes the difference.

Ultimate Gaming Trailer is different from competitors in that our mobile gaming theaters are not outsourced and built; we design and construct our own. We start with tubes of steel and build each Trailer from the ground up. This makes our company unique and allows us to control not only production time, but quality of the materials used.

The following are a few of the many benefits of owning your own Ultimate Gaming Trailer:

Extensive opportunities for professional expansion   No need for long-term leases
Being a part of the still-expanding, $21 billion/year video game industry market   Quick turnover: We have units in stock for the speedy launch of your new business (depending on seasonal availability)
Traveling directly to customers instead of waiting for them to come to you   We provide extensive support to each of our franchisees
Low overhead and significant earning potential   We supply advertising and grand opening material, as well as marketing plans
All of the perks of working in a dynamic, portable business   No spoilage
Commercial potential and large-scale appeal   Help your local schools and community organizations through fundraisers, while simultaneously generating revenue for yourself

“We surprised Dad for Father’s Day with an afternoon of video gaming. He was so excited when he saw the Ultimate Gaming Trailer parked in the driveway! It was one of the only parties we’ve ever had that EVERYONE in the family enjoyed. Dad’s already dropping hints that he wants the same thing next year.”

If you would like to learn more about Ultimate Gaming Trailer, call today at (804) 920-6422, or send us an email at We look forward to corresponding with you about our unique mobile entertainment experience.


Call us today at (804) 920-6422, or email us to book a date for your special event!
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