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What is GellyBall? 

Gellyball is a new game that uses an electric pistol/rifle much like an airsoft pistol that shoots an 8mm water orb. The water orb allows for a much lighter impact and no mess.

Is Gellyball safe?

Gellyball uses a polymer orb that when water is added it becomes 8mm in size and upon impact shatters and leaves a small water drop. Low impact means less sting and no bruising.


Does Gellyball leave a mess? 

Gellys are a polymer orb that absorb water to make a 8mm water orb that when shot shatters into very tiny pieces. When dehydrated they become the size of salt. Easy to sweep or vacuum.


Does Gellyball have an age limit? 

Great for getting that timid 1st time player in the game!

Gellyball is great and safe for most ages. We do suggest 7 and up as safety gear will need to fit properly. Gellyball is a great 1st time for new or seasoned players. FUN is the game!!

Experience the thrill of paintball without the pain and the excitement of laser tag without the bulky equipment!